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Wrap up dress with a square skirt. Sewing instructions.

Wrap up dress with a square skirtWrap up dress with a square skirt

Pattern cutting

  • Laying out the pattern depends on the fabric width and there is a lot of room to maneuver (providing that you bought enough). Layout I provide is just an example,I’m sure the more economical way can be found. The main thing is to cut pieces on a straight grain indicated by arrows.
  • Seam allowances I leave completely up to you, simply because every seamstress has here own preferences, and level of experience. The numbers I provide is just an advice.

Note: If your fabric is very thin and you suspect that it might stretch, double front and back neck facing with an interfacing.

pattern layoutWrap up dress with a square skirt. Pattern layout example.

Sewing guide

  1. Right sides together stitch and overlock the shoulder seams on the bodice. Stitch the front and back pieces of the neck facing (don’t forget the interfacing if using one), overlock the outer edge. Press seam allowances open. Wrap up dress with a square skirt
  2. Attach the facing to the main piece, aligning at the shoulder seams (right sides together of course). Snip at the curves stopping 3mm before the seam. Turn the interfacing inside. Neatly press, creating a smooth curveNote: For less experience sewers I would recommend to lay it flatly on the table and carefully baste the curve by hand before pressing. Remove the basting after you satisfied with the pressing. Wrap up dress with a square skirt
  3. Stitch and overlock the side seams of the bodice. Join the sleeve sides, overlock and press. Hem the sleeve, then set it in matching the dashes. Note: This seams can be overlocked together or separately, your choice.  Wrap up dress with a square skirt
  4. Hem the skirt. Notch at the waist about half of the seam allowance.Sewing instructions
  5. Right sides together join the bodice and the skirt, overlock.Wrap up dress sewing instructions
  6. Steam the whole dress paying special attention to the seams.

Wrap up dress with a square skirt

Skills and Techniques:

Wrap-up dress with square skirt

Wrap up dress with a square skirt. Pattern download.

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