Double basting method of making ruffles.

Frills and ruffles are very popular embellishments in dressmaking. There are quite a few methods to gather fabric, but double basting method is the universal one. Read more…

How to use bias binding

How to work with bias binding

How to hem a dress

10 ways to hem a dress.

Hemline is an integral part of the garment and completes the look of your dress. The method you are going to use to hem a dress should be decided on a early stage of the designing process.  Read more…

Knitted fabric sewing techniques

Sewing curved seams

Sewing curved seams.

How to make a perfectly smooth curved seams. Step-by-step sewing instructions. Read more…

How to draft puffed sleeves
Constructing circle skirt

Apparel construction

Sewing teardrop openning

Keyhole neckline sewing instructions.

The keyhole neckline opening can be used as an embellishment of the garment or as a utility feature to widen the neckline or the hem of a sleeve for added functionality. Read more…

Sewing zippers tutorials

blanket stitch variations

Blanket stitch

Blanket stitch can be used for finishing raw edges of the fabric, for joining pieces or as decoration. It is very popular to use for hand appliqué and in needlework. It has many varieties that can be adopted to all sorts of projects. Read more…

Sewing sashes tutorial

Different ways to sew sashes

Sashes are the simplest thing to making, but even they can vary a fair bit when it comes to sewing details. Here are the few examples you can choose from. Each has its own merits and particularities.. Read more…