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Tunic dress with bows sewing instructions.

A-line tunic for the little girl

This cute tunic dress is very simple to make. Absence of a complex details or zippers makes it suitable for novice seamstresses. Contrasting ribbons and bows give rhythmic harmony.


Tunic dress assembly:

  1. Prepare the bands. Press in the raw edges, stretching slightly in case your band is cut on bias (straight cut won’t give you any stretch). Be very careful to keep the same width of your band, deviations at this point will result in untidy, “home made” look.
  2. Join the yoke with the main piece and overlock the edges.
  3. Sew on the contrasting band, covering the seam. Run two parallel lines 0.1cm off the edge of the band.
  4. Join the front and back pieces at the shoulder and side seams.
  5. Join the facing pieces, overlock the edges.
  6. Face the neckline and armholes, press to the back and back stitch if desired. 
  7. Join the ends of the band and baste it to the skirt, take care to keep it equidistant from the hemline all the way around.
  8. Make the bows. Choose a pleasing position and attach them by hand.
  9. Hem the dress.

Tunic dress with two bows

Points to consider when cutting the band.

You can choose to cut the band on straight grain or on bias, depending on your skills and fabric availability. Cutting the band lengthwise (straight grain) produces far less off cuts which might be important if you bought just a small piece of contrasting fabric. Choosing the bias cut you will have much more pliable, easy to shape band. If you are in a hurry you can always buy precut bias tape.

When to overlock.

Without knowing your exact project I can give only a very broad advice – if the seam allowances will be pressed open do it beforehand, but when the edges will be pressed to one side you can overlock them together after making the seam. Remember, common sense beats any advice hands down.


Sewing techniques:

How to make a bias tape.

Facing a neckline

How to hem a dress.

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