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T-shirt dress with drop waist. Sewing instructions.

T-shirt dress with drop waist
T-shirt dress with drop waist.


T-shirt dress with drop waist wears like a T-shirt but looks like a dress, It is both comfortable and stylish and combines a pretty look and functionality. By mixing and matching different fabrics you can achieve your own distinct appearance.

Pattern layout suggestion.

T-shirt dress with drop waist.

Sewing guide:

  1. Join the shoulder seams.
  2. Align the markers and attach the sleeves. If filling unsure baste it first. Take care not to stretch the pieces out of shape, jersey fabric can be unforgiving in this respect, so work on the flat surface with a light touch.
  3. Sew the side seams together.
  4. Sew the ends of the neck band together, fold the resulting circle in half. Align the neck band seam with the left shoulder seam of the top and sew on.
  5. Hem the sleeves. Top stitch the neckband.
  6. Join the skirt pieces at the side seams, right sides together. Hem the edge. Run two parallel stitches along the top edge for gathering.
  7. Gather the skirt spread the folds evenly all around. Baste the top and bottom halves, make sure the side seams are matching. Join the skirt and the bodice together. Overlock.
  8. Press and steam.



Skills and Techniques:

Binding the T-shirt neck.

How to finish a raw edge of knitted fabric with rib trim.

Frills and ruffles tutorial.



T-shirt dress with drop waist

T-shirt dress with drop waist PDF pattern.

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