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T-shirt dress in contrasting colours sewing instructions.


T-shirt dress in contrasting colours variations


This T-shirt dress is both comfortable and stylish. The big advantage of this style is its versatility. Mixing and matching the prints and colours you can achieve a totally different look.

Pattern layout suggestion.

T-Shirt dress in contrasting colours pattern layoutSewing guide:

  1. Join the shoulder seams. If you have a 4 thread serger you can stitch and overlock in one go, but I bet you knew it already.
  2. Align the markers and attach the sleeves. If filling unsure baste it first. Take care not to stretch the pieces out of shape, jersey fabric can be unforgiving in this respect, so work on the flat surface with a light touch.
  3. Join the side seams.
  4. Sew the ends of the neck band together, fold the resulting circle in half. Align the neck band seam with the left shoulder seam of the top and sew on right sides in.
  5. Hem the sleeves. Top stitch the neckband.
  6. Mark the the draw string openings. Position the openings in such a way, that the seam of the band matches the left side seam of the garment when put together. Though it is just a convention it makes an overall tidy impression on a finished dress. Apply a small piece of glue-on interfacing where you plan the openings. It will prevent over stretching of the fabric. Make the buttonholes. Right sides together join the waistband. Repeat with the second band piece, minus the buttonholes. Place the waistbands together wrong sides in. Baste along the edges to keep in place.
  7. Put the doubled waist band and the bodice together write side in. Make sure that the drawstring openings are centered. Sew on.
  8. Join the skirt pieces at the side seams, right sides together, of course. Hem the edge.
  9. Join the top and bottom halves.
  10. Put in the draw string.
  11. Press and steam.


Skills and Techniques:

Binding the T-shirt neck.

How to finish a raw edge of knitted fabric with rib trim.

T-Shirt dress in contrasting colours
T-Shirt dress in contrasting colours

T-shirt dress in contrasting colours download


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  1. Is this a Childs pattern?

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