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T-shirt dress with round pockets. Step-by-step sewing instructions.

T-shirt dress with round pockets

1. Pattern layoutPattern layout


If you can sew a T-shirt you’re sure can make this T-shirt dress, it is pretty easy. When laying out knitted fabric make sure it does not hang off the edge of your table. It will prevent uneven stretching and permanently skewed garment. If you have an opportunity, leave spread fabric overnight, it will allow fibers to settle after being rolled in the bolt.  To mark and cut the pattern you will need:

  • Ball-point pins;
  • Tailor’s chalk or dry soap sliver.
  • Sharp bent-handled shear

2.  Attaching the yoke to the main piece.

Sew on yokes both to the front and to the back, right sides in, of course. If you are going to use a top stitching machine later, there is no need to overlock it first, straight stitch on sewing machine is enough. If you do not have a top stitcher, overlock the edges together and make a decorative line with your sewing machine.sewing the yoke


3. Prepare the pockets.

  • Opening first – overlock the raw edge, fold and stitch. If top stitching, it is all done in one step.
  • Baste the pockets’ round edge, spacing the pinches evenly. If the bulk is too great cut out the tiny wedges to flatten the seam allowances.  Don’t be tempted to miss the basting step, it’s essential for the smooth round fold.preparing the round pockets


Note: The other method to sew the smooth round pocket is to use an ironing template. Cut the heatproof material in the exact shape of your pocket, place it on the fabric and iron-in the seam allowances.  Please mind that you are working with the knitted fabric and the stretching might get uneven, let your level of experience and skill, guide you.

4. Placing pockets.

Pin the pockets in place and sew them on.sewing on the pockets


5. Sewing front and back together.

Now, you are ready to join the front and the back parts. Put right sides in and overlock together the shoulder and the side seams.

overlocking the sideseams

6. Binding the neck and armholes.

  • First you will have to determine the length of the bands you need. Patterns are given in the exact length of the edges to be bind, without allowance for the stretch. Every knitted fabric stretches differently and you will have to judge for yourself how long the binding should be.  Pin the bands in place with the desired tension and cut off the surplus of fabric.
  • Stitch the ends of your adjusted binding pieces.

Preparing the neck finish

Note: Neckline binding will demand more stretch then armhole one.

7. Binding raw edges

Bind the neck and armhole edges with any method you are comfortable with.

Fixing the ribtrim


8. Putting finishing touches

Hem the bottom edge, top stitch around the neck and armholes if desired.  Steam. Your T-shirt dress is ready.

Note: When pressing the seams after each stage do not stretch the raw edges!

Useful sewing techniques:

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T-shirt dress with round pocketsT-shirt dress with round pockets.

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