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Classic full skirt dress with a sash.


Dress with a sash pattern downlod This full-skirt dress with a sash is a firm favorite with little girls for a good reason. It can be as dressy or as casual as you wish. With mothers it is popular because it is not a big headache to make and can be adopted for any occasions. Made with silk or satin it is fit for a any celebration. Make it in floral print and your girl will look pretty all summer.

For added interest you can make the sash out of different fabric, coordinated colour or contrasting, let your creativity decide. Another variation is to make the top in totally different fabric, might be useful if you working with leftover fabric from previous projects.

Sewing process.

  1. Join the shoulder seams.
  2. Stitch the front and the back pieces at the side seams.
  3. Gather the skirt and attach it to the top.
  4. Make the back stitch up to the zipper opening.
  5. Insert the zipper.
  6. Face the neckline and armholes, press to the wrong side and back stitch if desired.
  7. Hem the dress.
  8. Make a sash.
  9. Steam-press.

printable dress pattern for girl

Points on pressing

As a rule you have to press your project after every step. Though it may seam like a fair amount of unnecessary steps it is important if your would like to have a neat an

d precise look. Novices tend to skip this step in their impatience to finish the project sooner without realizing that it makes more difficult to achieve a clean professional finish. Note: Pressing the seams take care not to pull raw edges, especially if they are cut on bias. It is hard to make a crisp finish when the piece is askew. You will have to steam and shrink them into shape, which is not always possible, so, take care.

To overlock or not.

Without knowing your exact project I can give only a very broad advice – if the seam allowances will be pressed open do it beforehand, but when the edges will be pressed to one side you can overlock them together after making the seam. Remember, common sense beats any advice every time.

Full skirt dress with a sash. Printable pattern.


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