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Finishing keyhole neckline. Method 1.

The keyhole neckline opening can be used as an embellishment of the garment or as a utility feature to widen the neckline or the hem of a sleeve for added functionality.

There are several methods the keyhole neckline can be finished with :

  • facing
  • bias binding
  • lining

Today I will show how to face the keyhole neckline at the back of the garment. Sewing teardrop openning

Facing is drafted as normal two piece neck facing is typically done, with enough extra fabric to accommodate the opening. The one important point is not to cut out the opening at this stage, just mark it clearly. This way the facing remains stable and wont distort under presser foot of your machine. Depending on the garment design and fabric thickness the interfacing might be a good idea.


  • Place your facing piece on fold. Fabric grain should run the same way as the fabric grain of the main piece. Mark seam allowances and cut.
  • Right sides together sew the shoulder seams.
  • Press the seams open and overlock the edge.Sewing teardrop openning


Variation:Sewing teardrop openning

The facing may follow the keyhole (aka tear drop) opening much closer. Personally I wouldn’t go less then 7cm, but universal advise is impossible in this case. Let the overall garment design and  your common sense guide you.

Preparing the garment:

Stitch the shoulder seams.Sewing teardrop openning

Press shoulder seams openSewing teardrop openning

Applying the facing:


  • Right sides together baste and sew the facing, carefully going 1cm inside off the marked keyhole opening. Sewing teardrop openning
  • Cut the notches inside the curves, stopping two threads before the stitch. The tighter the curve the closer the notches should be to each other.Sewing teardrop openning
  • Turn the facing to the back of your garment and press. It is a good idea to baste it first, this way you can insure the smooth curve of the edge.Sewing teardrop openning


Decorative button or hook and eye are two most common options to secure the opening.




2 thoughts on “Finishing keyhole neckline. Method 1.

  1. This tutorial of a keyhole sewn into the back facing is so very helpful!!
    Thanks a million.

  2. I always struggled with this but. This seems neater. I am going to try this one for sure. Thanks alot

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