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Sewing instructions for classic circle skirt.

Sewing circle skirt is not a time consuming project, this makes it a popular choice for home seamstress. There is only four techniques you have to be familiar with: how to sew a curved hem, insert a zipper, attach a waistband and cut a buttonhole.

1. Cutting circle skirt.

  • Cutting a circle skirt can be done in one, two or three pieces, depending on the design and fabric width. When fabric is wide enough it is done in one piece. Since there are no seams you  will have to  use a welt or exposed zipper method.Cutting a circle skirt in one piece

  • If the design calls for seamless skirt, but fabric is too narrow, the missing segment might be cut separately and attached to a main piece. As a general rule the width of a segment must be less then 1/3 of a skirt length. But there is no rules without an exception. After all classic rules may become outdated. Be your own designer.
    how to cut a circle skirt with a separate segment


    To make a seam less obvious remember to match a fabric grain and print.

  • The third way is to cut your circle in two halves. With this method the zipper will be placed in a side seam (left of course). Ho to cut a circle skirt with nerrow fabric
  • In three pieces the circle skirt is cut when the zipper has to be at the back but the fabric is not wide enough to make a seamless circle.

Ho to cut a circle skirt with nerrow fabric


When cutting circle skirt in several pieces don’t forget to add an appropriate seam allowances.

2. Sewing-in zipper.

Choosing the zipper method depends on whether or not there is seam and its position. Sewing circle skirt without a seam the welt or exposed zipper method is used. For the skirt with the seam at the back the centered zipper method is the most common. For the skirt with a side seams the lapped method is preferred.

3. Sewing the waistband.

sewing circle skirt. How to attach a waistband

There is only one peculiarity in sewing a waistband to a circle skirt – it is curved, and should be dealt with as any other curved edge seam, otherwise any waistband method will do.


Making a notches try to space them evenly, 3-5cm approximately.

4. Hemming a circle skirt.

Every seamstress knows a whole range of techniques to finish a raw edge. Choosing a method to sew up the hem of a circle skirt don’t forget that it’s curved and should be treated appropriately. Excess fabric needs to be gathered or evenly pleated and pressed to minimize the bulk. Other methods to hemming a skirt.

circle skirt in three shades of green

Circle skirt basics…

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