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Tie-up shoulders sundress sewing instructions.

Cutting the fabric:

Front and back bodice pieces are cut on a straight grain. Place paper pattern on fabric, aligning the fold of the fabric and center line of the bodice piece. Skirt is also placed on fold, fabric permitting. If, however, fabric is not wide enough, no big deal, you can always make a two-seam skirt, cutting two equal pieces. Bodice lining is cut exactly as the main fabric.


Sewing the skirt with one piece of fabric, the seam can be placed at the back or on the left side, depending on your design and desire.

Sewing step-by-step

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Casual T-Shirt Dress

This T-shirt dress features a draw string waist and pockets. Designed for a jersey fabric it has comfy casual look.

Casual T-Shirt dress printable pattern

Light knitted fabrics are very comfortable to wear, but sewing them differs greatly from the woven ones. Distinct way of stretching and fraying means they have to be treated differently. From designing through to cutting and assembling your garment there are  several particularities to keep in mind:

  • Garment made of  stretch fabric doesn’t need as much moving ease as the one made of a woven cloth. It hugs body curves much better due to its elastic quality;
  • Seam line should be almost as stretchy as the garment itself. Overlock is the best option;
  • To avoid tiny holes and runs  use ball-point needles

Sewing techniques:

Recommended fabrics:

Cotton jersey or interlock.

Step-by-step sewing instructions

T-shirt dress pattern download.


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Casual T-Shirt dress with drawstring waist and pockets. Step-by-step instructions.

T-shirt dress printable pattern.

T-Shirt dress is very easy to make and comfortable to wear. There are just a few points you need to remember to make a professional looking garment. Before laying your pattern out you should determine if the fabric is one way (direction which the print/pattern/sheen/texture runs) or two ways. If the fabric looks or feels differently in both directions your main pattern pieces will all have to face the same way. Don’t forget to match the stripes, if your fabric has them.

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Three ways to draft a puffed sleeves pattern.

There are three main types of puffed sleeves that are very simple to draft from the basic sleeve pattern. The idea is to create enough extra fabric for gathering, which means to “stretch” the pattern in places were the ruffling will accrue. The “stretching” can be done along the head and hem of a sleeve, but never in the underarm area.

The process itself is not complicated. Start with a paper pattern of a sleeve. Mark the middle third of your pattern with parallel lines 3-4cm apart, cut and open out the pieces. The fuller the sleeve you are after the further you spread the parts. Traditionally it cannot be made more then 5cm. For fuller sleeve cut the strips narrower. In some old pattern making books you can find the pictures of a puffed sleeve draft looking like a fan with the strips cut as narrow as 1cm. How to draft puffed sleeves

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Classic full skirt dress with a sash.


Dress with a sash pattern downlod This full-skirt dress with a sash is a firm favorite with little girls for a good reason. It can be as dressy or as casual as you wish. With mothers it is popular because it is not a big headache to make and can be adopted for any occasions. Made with silk or satin it is fit for a any celebration. Make it in floral print and your girl will look pretty all summer.

For added interest you can make the sash out of different fabric, coordinated colour or contrasting, let your creativity decide. Another variation is to make the top in totally different fabric, might be useful if you working with leftover fabric from previous projects.

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Sewing instructions for classic circle skirt.

Sewing circle skirt is not a time consuming project, this makes it a popular choice for home seamstress. There is only four techniques you have to be familiar with: how to sew a curved hem, insert a zipper, attach a waistband and cut a buttonhole.

1. Cutting circle skirt.

  • Cutting a circle skirt can be done in one, two or three pieces, depending on the design and fabric width. When fabric is wide enough it is done in one piece. Since there are no seams you  will have to  use a welt or exposed zipper method.Cutting a circle skirt in one piece

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Striped T-shirt dress with round pockets. Step-by-step sewing instructions.


T-shirt dress  step-by-step sewing instructions.

1. Pattern layout

Laying out pattern on fabric

If you can sew a T-shirt you’re sure can make this T-shirt dress, it is pretty easy. When laying out knitted fabric make sure it does not hang off the edge of your table. It will prevent uneven stretching and permanently skewed garment. If you have an opportunity, leave spread fabric overnight, it will allow fibers to settle after being rolled in the bolt.  To mark and cut the pattern you will need:

  • Ball-point pins;
  • Tailor’s chalk or dry soap sliver.
  • Sharp bent-handled shear

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Circle skirt construction. Sewing math.

Circle skirt construction is pretty easy you just need to know a little bit of geometry. One simple formula how to calculate the radius knowing the length of a circle is all the math you have to know.

Sewing is not complicated too. It requires few pieces and basic techniques, making it is a good exercise for beginners.  If this is your first time I would advise you to begin with a paper pattern. For experienced sewers this step can be skipped, you are welcome to do the markings straight on the fabric.

Circle skirt construction math.

To make this pattern you will need only two measurements –  waist girth and the length of your skirt. This will allow you to calculate the radius of the circle.

Full circle skirt construction diagram

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