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Casual T-Shirt dress with drawstring waist and pockets. Step-by-step instructions.

T-shirt dress printable pattern.

T-Shirt dress is very easy to make and comfortable to wear. There are just a few points you need to remember to make a professional looking garment. Before laying your pattern out you should determine if the fabric is one way (direction which the print/pattern/sheen/texture runs) or two ways. If the fabric looks or feels differently in both directions your main pattern pieces will all have to face the same way. Don’t forget to match the stripes, if your fabric has them.

Laying the pattern example


Sufficient working surface is essential. You have to avoid any stretching on this stage. It cannot be disguised later, your dress will look askew.

Casual T-shirt dress sewing instructions:

  1. Prepare the pockets. Overlock the edge of the opening, fold and stitch. If using a top stitching machine, just fold and stitch the opening of the pocket. If the fabric is very stretchy or curves a lot you might want to baste it first.
  2. Baste and sew pockets to the front piece of your dress. Use placement markers as your guide. If using pins, make sure they have a ball point.
  3. Overlock shoulders and side seams, right sides in, of course.
  4. Hem sleeves and the bottom edge of your dress using any technique you prefer.
  5. Stitch the ends of the neckband making a circle
  6. Fold the neck band lengthwise. Align the seam of the neckband with the left shoulder seam of the dress and pin it in place, stretching slightly. T-Shirt neck binding detailed tutorial.
  7. Sew on the neck band. Top stitch for professional look.
  8. Baste the tie casing all the way around and pin it in place. Make sure to cover the top edge of the pockets.
  9. Stitch the casing and insert the drawstring.


Useful sewing techniques:

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